Add:YuanZhu industrial park, Taixing, Jiangsu

As a casting manufacturer funded by Wuxi Xihua Foundry Co.,Ltd.,Jiangsu Xihua Foundry Co,.Ltd.is located in the Yangtze River Delta,at Yuanzhu,Taixing,near Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge,enjoying conven-ient communication.Currently,the investment in Phase 1 amounts to RMB ¥80,000,000 and this company
has established an annual capacity of 60,O00t cast products with a single article up to 70t.

Covering 80,000m2 and staffed with 400 employees, this company owns 100 sets of equipment, where
smelting equipment include two 15t/h cupolas, one medium-frequency smelting electric furnace (15t, l0t and 2t each), one holding furnace (30t and 10t each) and the hoisting equipment can lift 150t at most; other equipments include two resin sand production lines, ten sand mixers (60t, 30t, 20t and 15t) in total, one shot blasting machine (70t and 30t each) and four shot blasting machines below lot, as well as four normalizing and annealing furnaces with capacity of heat treatment 50t/set at maximum.

In this company, casting is inspected by use of Spectro photoelectric direct reading spectrograph, GE digitial ultrasonic defectoscope, Iow temperature impact tester, portable metal sclerometer, metaloscope,various mechanical performance detectors, chemical analyzer and molding sand tester, which can provide timely and accurate information for product quality control Awarded many honorary certificates and reputation certificates,the company has passed IS09001:2000 Quality System Certification, China Classification Society CSQA

With annual capacity 60,000t, our products include wind power generation parts (GJS-350-22U-LT,
QT40O-18AL and QT700-2A), plastic injection molder parts (QT450-10 and QTS00-7), mining vehicle parts
(QT450-12), wear-resistant gray cast iron alloy for Vermicular graphite cast iron.

Gathering of a group of professional talents of casting, this company has produced a lot of casting production techniques and experiences Meanwhile, we are capable of development, research and design and engaged in researching, applying new technology, new process and new material。

Entitled to self-managed import and export, we have marketed cast products in USA, Japan and Europe,etc In pursuit of win-win and common growth, you are welcome to cooperate with us Thank you very much!
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